What is Ergo Token Minter ?

This is a dApp allowing you to mint and burn tokens on the Ergo blockchain.

How I can use it ?

The application is tested with Chrome browser, but may work with other Chrome based browsers.

You need to install the Chrome extension Yoroi nightly and configure an ergo wallet with some ERGs.

You need to install the Chrome extension Yoroi dApp connector.

The application will propose you to log in your Yoroi wallet when loading.

Mint tokens

You can set several properties for your token as the amount of existing tokens or the number of decimals supported.

How the tokens are minted ?

They follow the EIP-0004 for ergo Tokens.

Burn tokens

The dApp connects to your wallet and list the available tokens.

When burning tokens, you can adjust the amount of tokens to be burnt for each of your token, and burn them all in a single transaction.

You can adjust the amount to be burnt depending on the precision supported by the token, a rounding is applied accordingly.

Why I cannot burn SigUSD or SigRSV tokens ?

Those tokens are genuine tokens from sigmausd.io, they have a real tradable value, a protection is preventing you to burn them.

Where can I review the appication ?

The code of the application is hosted on gihub: Github repository

How it works ?

The application is distributed as a static webpage and is executed in your browser.

The transaction are sent to your Yoroi dApp connector so you can review and sign them.

Once validated with Yoroi dApp connector the transaction is sent to the blockchain, it cannot be cancelled or reverted. Review it carefully.

What if I find a bug ?

Please create an issue in the gihub project, or better, a pull request.

What is the fee ?

There is a minimal fee of 0.001 Erg applied for the dApp usage. If you find the application useful feel free to increase the amount to buy me a beer and contribute to the hosting.